Oceanside Spotlight: The Rising Co. is Your Home Away From Home

If you’re driving along South Coast Highway in Oceanside, you simply can’t miss The Rising Co.

It’s one of those stop-you-in-your-tracks spaces. A beautiful. white, rustic meets California-style exterior that you feel drawn to check out. And, once you get inside, you quickly realize this space is more than just a pretty space—it’s so much bigger than that. It’s a place for business owners to grow their brands, a place for friends and family to meet and a hub that invites everyone to come, connect and celebrate their community.

Julie Rais Ellis, Owner/Designer of Rais Case is the mind behind this gem in Oceanside.

Julie had been working in a co-op for several years prior to opening The Rising Co and had always dreamt of ways to elevate what she was doing.

“I was always curious and intrigued about what it would look like to elevate that (co-op) model as far as aesthetic, and as we grew into year two of our mini co-op, we brought in a third brand and that was really exciting. From 2013 through February 2019, it just seemed like that model was so great, what would it look like if we had coffee inside our retail space. Just a really beautiful community space that you weren’t feeling like you were getting sold to…,” said Ellis.

When she learned she couldn’t stay in her Oceanside space any longer – the search for a new space began. With a mix of collaboration and hard work, The Rising Co. was born — home to several local brands who share the space as a co-op.

“Each of us works a day here and what that does is it just creates a different level of ownership and compassion for everyone’s brands. I’m just as excited about Adobe by Jess product as I am Rais Case product – so when a customer is touching their product I am so excited about it or I know the back story that I can tell them about it, I know how much work that has gone into it,” said Jessica Vargas, Owner/Designer of Adobe by Jess Vargas.

This level of ownership is a big part of what allows businesses like Jessica Vargas’ to thrive. Vargas is the owner of Abode by Jess Vargas, a home goods collection. By sharing a space with other local businesses, she and her co-op partners are able to cut down on extra expenses that many business owners face.

“One of my worries was how am I going to run a shop seven days a week and still be with my kids. They’re getting older but they’re still little and who is going to make dinner every night, all of those things you have to think about as women. The co-op was the perfect combination of all the things I wanted to do and Julie really curated this amazing group of people to be the merchants at what is now Rising Co,” said Janet Shepard, Owner of Ornamental Plant Boutique.  

Inside The Rising Co. in Oceanside,CA with a look at local brand, Soul Shapers

Inside, you’ll find house plants housed inside locally-made pots, jewelry, handmade ponchos, candles and more, even items for kids and men.

“It’s really exciting for a visitor to our community to see what’s happening in that community from a maker’s/design standpoint,” said Ellis.

Together these businesses have created a space that they can grow– while providing a space where the community can do the same. A true, local Oceanside experience.

Seaborne Coffee inside The Rising Co. in Oceanside, CA

“Some of the local policemen come through and get their coffee, people that work at the bar down the road come get their coffee, people also come and do their work outside using the Wi-fi – I feel like it has something for everyone, here’s just a nice, open, friendly feel to it,” said Shepard.

“To me, I think that Rising Co is a very unique, authentic place. I definitely can say within San Diego, it’s one and only. I think that what it encompasses and what it’s trying to create here in Oceanside is something really special. I think that when you speak to any of the brands or the people working here – we feel very close and it feels like a community already,” said Vargas.

  • Jess Vargas Favorite: Van De Vort: Del Mar at One Paseo & Flower Hill Promenade – “A female, locally-owned women’s boutique. She carries apparel, accessories, & kids. “
  • Jess Vargas Favorite: Clay & Craft: Encinitas – “Women-owned, handmade modern ceramics. Not only does she sell her amazing ceramics, she also offers private and group pottery classes.”
  • Julie Rais Ellis Favorite: Seaborne Coffee inside The Rising Co.
  • Julie + Jess Favorite: Campfire – Julie says: “Take friends and family when they’re in town for a great experience.” Jess says: “Go there for amazing cocktails, food and most of all atmosphere.”

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